Scranton Column: What some of us would really like to say is… |

Scranton Column: What some of us would really like to say is…

Lance Scranton

Some of us would like to just get rolling again because we’ve endured enough tough news about our County since 2020 began. Open up, start having some real conversations again, not walk by people in stores and think that you don’t want to get too close because you just aren’t sure how people are dealing with what’s going on.

If only some government official magically just said, “it’s okay, we can all just get back to what we were doing 6 weeks ago.” But, that isn’t going to happen because then there would be voices of doom projecting how much these kinds of people care more about money than human lives.

Some of us would like to say something about the whole mask controversy and how they make some people feel safe – but that’s where the mask’s effectiveness ends. It looks very responsible and caring when someone shows up in a mask while others without look like they just don’t care about humanity.

Sure, masks might not be very effective, but at least people wearing them are trying to do something to help save lives. Some people would like to call them foolish but they won’t because it isn’t about what is effective; it’s about what feels good and right.

Some of us would like to have people preface their thoughts about a national lockdown by first and foremost stating if they are still getting paid everyday. If some are earning a living during this lockdown, we aren’t all equally being affected.

It’s easy to pontificate and judge people for their “irresponsible and possibly life-threatening actions” because if you are getting paid, you don’t understand how damaging this is becoming. But the tsunami is building and soon all of us are going to be affected by the secondary, unintended consequences of this type of lockdown.

But we won’t say too much because we’ll be treated as lepers and people will avoid us because we just don’t understand how precious lives are, and we are obviously putting money over the safety of humanity.

Some of us would like to say how much we are understanding of the discussions about values and the voices supporting freedoms that people talk about just about every single day; about how much we have a right to exercise free speech, live a lifestyle of our choosing, have the final determination about our bodies, and be protected from the offenses of those who think differently than we do and how people should be excoriated for not being politically correct in all they do and say.

Some of us would like to know if these discussions are coming up in our Governor’s meetings when they are issuing executive orders and demanding that people live the way they are ordered by the state. But people don’t say too much because then you’ll be accused of being an ignorant fool who doesn’t understand the complexity of this situation.

Some of us are just really getting frustrated but most of us just say “whatever” and try our best to get on with life. But some people can’t, and others won’t, and still others will look on from their moral castles surrounded by protective walls and pity us poor fools for being so stupid.

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