Scranton Column: What is certain? |

Scranton Column: What is certain?

Lance Scranton

We know death and taxes are certainties in life along with being pretty sure that the weather is going to cool down eventually, and we will be wondering once again when summer will arrive as we shovel out our driveways after a snowstorm.

Life in Colorado is filled with knowing that our state boasts some of the coolest places to travel, hike, and sight-see. The Centennial State is an outdoor paradise full of adventures and destinations that make other states envious.

States also have governments and these bodies of elected officials are tasked with representing the “will of the people” who vote them into office. For the most part it works pretty well but every so often the people get really concerned about their particular elected representatives. Add to the mix a virus that seems to have many people fooled into either treating it like a nuisance or a plague.

The intended strategy some 5 months ago was to shut things down for, “15 days to stop the spread” which then became, “flatten the curve” which has now become a frenzy of opinions and voices about whether to reopen or continue to be “safer at home.”

For certain, this has thrown all of us for a loop and the answers that I find as I research the “science” are as inconclusive as betting on a horse race. The number of articles that I’ve read and pored over to try and make sense of where we are headed just offers up more frustration.

I’m certain that the virus is killing people, but at what rate when compared to other viruses (the percentage is low when you look at pure numbers). I’m certain that cases are rising because we are testing more but how exactly are we reporting other illnesses (seems like everything is COVID related). We have various “hot spots” around the country but Colorado isn’t one of them (so how long do we live in fear?).

People yell and scream about mask effectiveness and how it is our responsibility to help protect not only ourselves but those around us (the CDC and WHO have each changed their stances over the past few months mostly because of political pressure). People yell and scream about how masks make us all a bunch of sheep who are going to end up being marched to boxcars and taken away to vaccine internment camps (the Governor can mandate but law enforcement has wide latitude for enforcement). If masks are effective let’s open up, but if they aren’t, why are they mandated?

I’m really confused, but one thing I know for certain is that I’m way more worried about people right now than any virus. The unintended consequences are starting to boil over and the cure has become worse than the disease. We have to get on with living and find a way to salvage what we have already lost.

It’s too late to say we have to put politics aside because that train left the station about 30 years ago. I’m a simple man in a complicated world who, like most people, think this will all amazingly subside in early November. What a shame that our freedom and liberty are the cost of those who care more about our vote than our well-being.

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