Scranton column: We gotta get out of this place |

Scranton column: We gotta get out of this place

Lance Scranton
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I remember my teenage years (when I knew everything) and the people who constantly made fun of President Reagan, and his desire to send us all into some kind of nuclear annihilation just so that he could prove that America was strong and decisive as a world leader and protector.

Now, when you are a 16-20 year-old who knows everything, and you’ve grown up in a relatively fairly-tale middle class neighborhood with most of your worries centered around cars and if the opposite sex finds you attractive, it’s obviously a self-centered existence.

Trying to figure out why this old guy was dooming my future was tempered with the fact that I had to figure out how to make a living after high school and what I was going to do with my life – not that Reagan cared about me at all!

So, I found my future possibilities in team sports and did everything that I could to make a team and get noticed by people who would have greater power over determining my future than myself.

You start to realize quickly, that the things you actually know are slight in comparison to the things that other people know. As your world increases and you depend on others to help, you become successful or realize your dreams, you begin to understand that a self-absorbed knowledge of your surroundings isn’t going to help you get very far. Listening to the advice of others, as well as their critiques of your performance make you realize very quickly that you aren’t one-in-a-million; you’re just one of millions.

So, you grow a little bit and make certain determinations about how you are going to move forward and who you are going to listen to, and more importantly, who you are going to depend on for helping you realize your future.

This is adult stuff and it involves trust and you come up against the reality of the darker side of life that you didn’t have to think about before. So, you place your faith in who will help you realize what you can become and start working to make your dreams come true.

This place we gotta get out of is the mindset of an adolescent as we live through a health crisis that might end as early as this week or as late as months from now! Nobody knows for sure but the big question is: where are you placing your trust in to answer your questions and deliver guidance? We know that things will get better but we don’t know when. Wow! Now what do we do? Is the President giving us the right information? Is the media telling us the truth? Is the stuff we read really accurate?

As our world grows bigger each day but our social gatherings get smaller. I’m thinking that our hopes and dreams for the future will depend more upon how we lean on each other because unlike Reagan’s threats to Russia back in the day, President Trump is dealing with an invisible enemy that appears to want to destroy our way of life. Say what you want, and do what you want, but just realize that nobody has all the answers – never did – never will.

But there is a better life for you and me (as The Animals sang in 1965)…we just gotta get through this thing!

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