Scranton Column: The evidence is clear |

Scranton Column: The evidence is clear

Just look around. Read the headlines. Watch what happens. Observe the results. Question your common sense. Reserve judgment. Get on with life. Repeat.

Everyone gets some money. It’s in your bank account. It’s for you. It’s to help you through the pandemic. Yes, the pandemic is still going on. The government will protect you. Do as you are told. It’s in your own best interest. You can’t do it on your own. You need help. We all need help.

Dr. Seuss stories are racist. Take his books off the shelf. Children may become upset by his stories. Adults need to understand. Children are victims of racial stereotypes. We need to protect our culture. Question what you have always thought. You need to be aware. Wake up!

Music soothes the soul. Don’t trust what you see. That song isn’t that bad. It promotes positive sexuality. It’s okay. It’s not pornography. Just enjoy. Kids can watch and listen too. Avoid being judgmental. Why can’t people express themselves artistically? People applauded – it must be good.

Our President Biden is doing a great job. We finally have a normal President. He acts dignified and presidential. The Republic is in good hands again. We can get back to normal. We all get along again. Peace has been restored. Finally.

You have questions? Just scroll through your feed. All you need to know. It’s right there. They scrub all the fake stuff. You are in good hands. Get your shot. Protect those around you. It’s our duty. Why ask why? Just keep scrolling. It’s all good.

We will get rid of those people. What people? You know, those people. They are the ones. They don’t like our way of life. They try to destroy progress. They won’t be tolerated. They will be rooted out. Don’t worry, they will be found. They must be stopped.

Everything is better now. We all have some pennies in our pocket. Our leaders take care of us. No need to worry. The evidence is clear. They have it all under control. It’s all good. Life is good. Life is great.

I love our country. I love our leaders. Like a big brother. Strong and caring. Looking out for me. Concerned about my safety. Protect me from harm. No worries. No problems. I love life.

I love big brother!

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