Scranton Column: Ramping up our energy levels |

Scranton Column: Ramping up our energy levels

The one thing that we will all be learning as we get past COVID and the restrictions that were imposed upon us, is that getting back to normal requires a certain amount of energy. Say what you want about community safety, human processes, or cultural safeguards, living life in a Zoom world is quite a bit easier and takes so much less effort.

Jokes abound in the world of online meetings about how you show up, what cool picture you have selected as a background, and what you can say to yourself out loud when your mic is turned off.

Dealing with lots of people has always been an issue for some and a frustration for others, but with the COVIDacation of our country, some would like to permanently COVIDify our behaviors.

We’ve gotten used to small gatherings and quiet settings but is that a good thing? For sure, we would all like to gather this summer for Whittle The Wood, car shows, and Balloon Festivals — wouldn’t we? How about parades and celebrations like the Fourth of July? The thing about getting all these events organized and running again is that it’s going to require some get-up-and-go.

Our local 6-12 schools are talking about going back to full, in-person instruction for the last 8 or 9 weeks of the year. Sure, it’s going to be crowded, busy, and hectic, but don’t our kids deserve at least a few weeks of being altogether and experiencing the fun and frenzy of a school full of classmates?

The COVIDsphere can handle a few more students in the building and in classrooms without completely falling apart. Teachers will definitely have to make some adjustments as the past 10 months have been pretty quiet. It’s been a long time since I’ve had students spilling into my room and had to take 5 minutes to get everyone settled down so we could do some learning. Definitely going to have to up the energy levels!

Pandemics come and go, and this one has lasted way longer than most of us expected — so much so that we got a little bit used to a way different way of life.

We all had some great opportunities to slow down, step back, evaluate and process what’s really important. Our kids are important because they are our future and they need to get back in the swing of things before they forget how to swing.

It’s amazing how adaptive we’ve all had to be but as we pull out of COVID fear. I’m hopeful that things begin to look like they used to before this virus wreaked havoc on our nation.

Let’s hope that as we ramp back up to normal, we can finally put this in the rearview mirror as we get our lives up to the speed limit once again.

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