Scranton Column: Pandemics, Protests, and Programs |

Scranton Column: Pandemics, Protests, and Programs

Lance Scranton

Re: COVID-19. Certainly seems to be driving just about all the decisions people are making at some of the highest levels of school, sports, and government.

Think for just a second about how much this virus has affected your life, and what we have been told, and how many different theories exist, and how often people whom you disagree with call your science stupid or fake.

There is enough of a wedge between politicians and parties right now, but if I were going to do something diabolical to try and get people to stop trusting others just because they disagree or don’t wear a mask, this would be it, and we’ve fallen squarely into the trap. Just think about what has been bandied about as “settled science” over the past few decades before diminishing the views of those who might disagree with you.

Re: BLM. Systematic or systemic racism has been something people have been discussing for years. But I think skin privilege is a bigger problem when obvious exceptions are made or charges leveled at people because of something they had absolutely no choice in determining.

My physical body tells the world around me that I am a big, burly, American of European descent; but that in no way determines my view of people who aren’t like me or who believe differently than I do as a human being.

My heart aches when I read about injustice in any form. I’m a school teacher! I have made my career in the fields that require a sensitivity to the plight of underserved and underprivileged young people. I seldom sit around with colleagues discussing how much our kids have succeeded because most of our attention is directed toward helping those students who are struggling find a way to pass classes because we know that one of the most powerful ways to keep kids out of poverty is to help them earn a high school diploma.

Think about your life if there weren’t people along the way who cared about you enough to make sacrifices so that you could graduate from high school and what graduation meant as you continued on with your life.

RE: Most sports programs moved to Spring 2021. I’m so glad Golf and Cross Country get to have a season and we have something to cheer about.

But trying to play all the other sports in a six month period is going to pose some particularly difficult challenges. I’ll stick with commenting about football because it is what I know best.

I can’t imagine how we are going to practice safely when the season starts on February 2nd. We will do everything we can to prepare players for their first contest in Denver. I truly hope the weather cooperates but if we are forced onto the road to travel south for a majority of our games, then we have to be ready for that potential reality.

Some people have told me that I should be happy that we get to play at all and my response is usually to agree but explain the unique challenges this season will pose for many of our student athletes. Plans always look good on paper; it’s the execution that will be our toughest opponent.

RE: Our Community. Wow! What a time to live in rural America! Craig has been through some tough times and the future wasn’t looking great but one thing I’ve learned from living here for 22 years is that our future isn’t written in stone and we have no idea what’s going to happen in the next 10 years.

Just look at the transformational cultural shifts going on right before our very eyes over the past 5 months. We are a resilient people and I’m putting my money on us. Be kind to each other and when you disagree, take a few seconds to breathe and remember who you are talking to – a fellow human being.

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