Scranton Column: Pandemics and protests |

Scranton Column: Pandemics and protests

Lance Scranton

We are getting ready to celebrate the most recognized American holiday known to the free world and one of the most important. July 4 is a celebration of our forefathers’ brave stand against the tyranny of those who thought they should fall in line and just do what they were told.

I’m even certain that they were told to be certain that they would be on the right side of history when the powerful were determined to halt any kind of movement toward independence.

It’s in the blood and the DNA of our great nation to stand up and speak out for the things that we believe are important and worth considering. From protest marches to sit-ins to boycotts, we can all stand for the things we believe in by giving voice to our concerns and drawing attention to issues that need attending. Generally the government is very flexible and understanding when people go through the proper channels to draw attention to worthy concerns.

Black Lives Matter is a movement intended to draw attention to the issues and concerns of people in the black community. The issue they are speaking out against should be addressed and people should understand that there are certain people in our society who take actions that reflect poorly on the rest of us who simply want to live the famous quote of Martin Luther King Jr.: …that…​The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

We have been challenged over the last few months with a virus threatening to take away the very freedoms that we used to not even think about. We are facing controversy, especially in larger cities, where riots have broken out and property is being destroyed. One man is charged with causing the death of another man and our cities exploded. Police officers wonder if it is worth the price to try and enforce laws that others appear to have no inclination to respect.

It’s a difficult time, a time that will test the mettle of even the most ardent supporter of law and order. News channels cover stories for ratings instead of to inform. People shout and scream that all lives matter but can’t seem to be able to just allow the focus to be on this particular situation that has brought out so much rage and violence. Aren’t we able to hold more than one thought in our conscience as we wrestle with how we want the world to see our great country?

People flee from all over the world to come to America because we celebrate freedom. The freedom to be able to look at each other and know that our best intentions are for people to be able to just live a decent life and be judged by their actions.

We all have issues to deal with and thoughts that betray us from time to time but people are going to have to decide how to talk to each other again, or we will end up ripping each other apart.

That is the side of history I don’t want to be on and if future generations don’t start to see examples of people trying to find solutions without yelling, screaming, labeling, and stirring up anger, it’s going to be a long, hot, summer.

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