Scranton Column: Nobody, nobody, nobody…. |

Scranton Column: Nobody, nobody, nobody….

Lance Scranton

It’s hot and nobody likes sitting around sweating unless you live where you have no choice. Find a shady spot just about anywhere in Colorado and the temperature difference makes you feel good all over.

I’ve lived and visited places where stepping out of the sunshine into the shade made little or no difference and you still felt like you were going to melt. I’ll take our crazy winter weather because it leads into the most excellent of three seasons that make our state remarkable.

It’s a crazy world out there right now and nobody wants to say the wrong thing or make the wrong person mad. But, if you know you are right and you just stay quiet and say nothing, you are siding with the very ideas which you might disagree. Regardless of your race your life is precious, rare, and priceless to this world according to the tenants of just about every belief system in the world.

Nobody deserves to be unfairly treated by anyone else and it’s a shame that we still have to figure out how to treat each other. We have no idea how our lives impact the world around us and too many people think that they can live their lives with inaccessible independence of actions but our world isn’t a place where our decisions only affect us.

We are testing more and continue to find cases of COVID-19 and nobody wants to die from this scary virus. But, deaths are not rising like some told us they would and we have to look at the fatality rate to really understand the overall effect on our general population.

Understanding the lethality of things that endanger our well-being should be the most important factor when driving full-scale, big government attempts to mitigate suffering. We have to be cautious, but not afraid; concerned, but not “Karens”; caring, but not hyper-protective. This was considered a pandemic but has been downgraded, so we need to really think about letting our children live and allowing adults to find some measure of normalcy going forward. Schools need to open up and children need to get back to the business of living, socializing, and figuring out how to get along in the world. Should we shut down every time something scary comes along, we aren’t teaching future generations much except that fear rules our lives.

Nobody that I have ever met, when faced with a one-on-one conversation acts the way they do in a larger group. It’s the dynamics of our culture and the power of the singular conversation that allows for so much understanding and the acceptance that we are each different in so many ways but we’re still driven by the need to be understood and to try and understand others.

Nobody can be certain about what will happen in the future and nobody wants to lose our freedoms and privileges that have made our country such an attractive place to live. We can certainly get things wrong but we’re a people who want to make things right. We can make mistakes but we’re people who are capable of looking past the hype working toward a future that makes life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness ideas worth defending.

Nobody is an island unto themselves and there is plenty of room for all of us to put our heads together so that we can look back on and say to ourselves that we did our very best to make things better than it used to be for those that go ahead of us.

This is the dream of America that nobody would disagree.

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