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Scranton Column: Musings

Lance Scranton
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Have you wondered why there are so few cases of COVID-19 in Moffat County and places like Grand Junction? Epidemiologist credentials are not in my possession but there was something going on in these two places, and many others, way back in October and November.

Rates of flu-like sickness were bad enough that Mesa County shut down schools for a week and Moffat County was experiencing some major school absences as well.

Maybe something akin to what is taking place now in places like Routt County swept through a wide swath of the country many months ago. Correlation doesn’t equal causation but it may be possible that there was a little bit of the “herd immunity” we keep hearing so much about in some places around the country as early as last Fall. We obviously can’t go back, but we could test for antibodies and find out if we are protecting ourselves naturally or need to be on the caution for a wave to hit.

But what is certainly a very real concern is that people across the globe are getting really tired of the constant fear mongering and we seem to be responding in two loosely defined ways: Some do exactly what the government says we should do because they know what they are talking about and if you aren’t following the postulated precautions then you don’t care about people’s lives and you are truly selfish. The other thinks that the information we’ve been getting is good as a guideline but we still have to live because if we don’t, there won’t be anything to go back to living for and the people who blindly follow these elected leaders are behaving like prigs trying to spread guilt about our individual behavior and response to what is being forced upon us.

Walk around in a mask because you are trying to save lives or don’t wear a mask because your life is safe already. You can argue the merits of both approaches but what you can never do is say that people just don’t care. People are caring to the point of taking the types of precautions that we have literally never seen before in our modern era of pandemics. Everyone that makes up my circle of friends truly cares about people dying and wants this all to go away but some argue that the things we are doing aren’t sustainable.

Nobody and no model is going to provide a miraculous cure and short of a vaccine which people will argue about as well; we are in for a long haul of carrying around doubts and concerns about what we are going to do to get moving again and finally put this behind us.

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