Scranton Column: Just halfway, then a little bit more |

Scranton Column: Just halfway, then a little bit more

Fear and uncertainty has gripped our nation and world. When will this be over and when can we get back to normal?

We know that it is going to be awhile before things ever get back to the way they used to be – maybe never! But when you think about it, fear is a choice because we have no control over the uncertainty of our future. We can choose to hang on every news article or update and worry about what is going to happen next, or we can take a different perspective.

There isn’t any going back now and we are all just going to have to live with the fact that our lives are going to look much different over the next few weeks.

But the axiom I heard from an actor on a show I was binge-watching last week was the title of this column today. If we just keep going, it won’t seem as if we want to turn back because we might be past the point where trying to return to where we started will be more difficult than just continuing on until we reach the other side.

The other side of this present predicament will find each and every person a little bit different than they were before all this happened. Maybe we will all appreciate what we have much more than we do now.

Maybe we will realize that all services and people are essential. Maybe we will be more inclined to give others the benefit of the doubt and hope that they are well-intentioned when making decisions.

So many people today are full of mistrust, hate, and schadenfreude. Just hoping that people who they disagree with will come to some kind of physical, mental, or emotional harm. Sadly, I’m not immune to what the Germans described as deriving pleasure from another’s misfortune. It’s not a healthy way to live and eventually takes a toll.

But I’m just going to keep going because I think there are still things to learn, and I’ll keep thinking that I’m just a little bit more than halfway!

It’s been great to write a column over the past many years and share my insights about our community, world, and the human condition. I try to reflect the common sense that represents the values I grew up with and make up a majority of readers out there. It’s never been about agreeing or all of us thinking the same way. It’s about listening and respecting the fact that others may see things differently.

Just a little bit more….and I think we can all get there together. Be safe, and stay healthy!

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