Scranton Column: Just a little bit anxious |

Scranton Column: Just a little bit anxious

Don’t know about you, but I thought when the election was over things would settle down. Cities are still burning, people are still dying, coal is still evil, the planet is still being destroyed, and our elected officials are about to impeach a president who is our president no more.

So, I guess, things are pretty much as they were before the people who actually know how to run a country were put back in charge!

If you are anxious about where we are headed in the future, it appears murky right now except that from all the action coming out of Washington, D.C.; it won’t look anything like the past four years.

The calls for unity and healing lasted about one hour until President Biden’s pen got to work. Executive Orders are the new reality in our nation’s capital because legislators appear to be fairly useless at legislating. Most of the news is about each elected official doing their level best to posture correctly and say what they think will not be scrubbed, fact-checked, censored – or fits the present politically-correct narrative.

It’s a new day in America and Big Brother has taken on a whole new meaning and appears to have gained way more power. Surely after a month or so we can all get back to the business of blaming the President for just about everything from COVID deaths to high unemployment.

Maybe, things will start to calm down and the business of governing will begin to make a little more sense as promises, pontifications, and partisanship will give way to the dispassionate hand of reality.

This columnist makes no particular attempt to try and hide his political leanings and when the November election didn’t go the way I thought it would, I was frustrated – for about a day – and then reality slapped me upside the head and I went to work and got on with the business of life.

I took a two or three week pause from all the hyperbole on the various news stations and reconfigured my bearings to make peace with the direction half of our country (as far as we know) has decided is best.

Sure, there’s 2022 and 2024 and many more beyond but before we get even two years down the road, we all need to take a long look in the mirror and figure out how we’re going to move forward, treat each other, and formulate some ideas for weathering the coming days. Happy or sad about who our new President is doesn’t matter anymore and people need to decide if we’re going to keep attacking or find a way to live in this new reality.

I’m hopeful – never fearful – but a little bit anxious.

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