Lance Scranton: How can it be? |

Lance Scranton: How can it be?

Lance Scranton
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Inquiring minds want to know about things politically and just exactly why people have certain proclivities toward so much faith and hope in government.

Government is important and necessary as part of our functioning republic, but some of the candidates to lead our country are going way overboard. When you hear someone promise you just about everything delivered by a government agency, hide your wallet! Medicare for all? Free medical for everyone in America (not just Americans – but everyone)? A “living” wage for all? Free college education?

It’s all about freedom, one would guess, and there are plenty of people out there who would love to get more free stuff! Some people are working really hard to get people elected who will give us all this free stuff but you gotta ask yourself – how can it be?

How is it possible to just give away the things that we have worked hard to acquire? Healthcare is expensive, maybe too expensive, but we have some of the best in the world. A college education costs thousands of dollars but it comes with endless possibilities.

Maybe the hardwiring of our current system has gotten a little bit tangled up, but are people going to vote to install a completely different operating system? It seems as though people like the alternative in proportion to how hard they want to work to acquire the things they think will make them happy.

Happiness is derived from having some kind of meaningful existence that is built on helping those around us. How can it be that just giving things to everyone will make it valuable as something that should be defended. Give people free stuff and see just how valuable they treat the stuff.

It will likely come down to two fairly old guys discussing what America will best serve each person. On a debate stage they will argue back and forth about how one is destroying our country while the other will help build it back up again. How can it be that we will all be sitting here in the fall of 2020 having to decide whether or not we believe that our country is headed in a direction that will fulfill the promise of our country? How will we decide?

How can it be any other way than hope, opportunity, and optimism which have been the building blocks of our country. Hard work has kept the blocks in place and while we all don’t always get what we want, we all always get what we need, and when we fall down there are others who will jump in to help us up.

How can it be that we would ever want to depend on the government for the things that shape our humanity and help make us a people who care about an idea that depends not on elected officials, but those who care?

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