Scranton Column: Hopeful and expectant |

Scranton Column: Hopeful and expectant

Lance Scranton

Hopeful and expectant are the two words that I am hoping will be the result of Craig’s stand on the COVID-19 lockdown and the general attitude toward our state government.

Hopeful, because it is time for Craig and Moffat County to stand up and be willing to do the things required to be a more self-determining county way out here on the Western Slope. We pride ourselves on small-town values and living with a type of freedom that people in the bigger cities just don’t enjoy. Plus, we don’t go overboard when things get a little bit crazy like our neighbors to the East. I have never once been peered at, or talked down to, because I didn’t have a mask on in our local businesses.

Expectant, because we are going to have opportunities this summer and fall to vote on people and issues that will require some sacrifice on our part for the betterment of our local facilities. Too many times we depend on the state or federal government to “bail” us out and too many times we are disappointed. But, we can alleviate our dependence on overreaching regulations dressed up as assistance from our bloated and power hungry state officials and vote to help ourselves and our community this fall and pass a bond to finally address structural issues with our local schools.

Too often we hope for people outside our community to offer us help that always turns out to be too little too late. We pride ourselves on being able to self-determine and it is one of the things I love about the people I meet in our community each and every day. We work hard and we value the money we earn and we want to see it put to good use. So often our local institutions get accused of being wasteful and out of touch with the values that should be reflected in smaller institutions in smaller towns.

I couldn’t agree more and while our local schools aren’t perfect, we did get a glimpse of what happens when kids aren’t able to attend classes regularly. It was very difficult on a number of fronts, but it also revealed our reliance on an operationally functioning district that houses most of the children in our community on a daily basis. Our buildings aren’t dangerous but they are in need of some major work that has been relegated to later dates so that money can be used to keep educating students to the best of our ability.

Most of you know that I am a local teacher and obviously have a biased view about the overall effectiveness of our local educational system. It’s easy to find fault with any institution that deals with people on a daily basis. Our local hospital comes to mind and is attacked almost daily, but I am glad it is here and it does increase the overall positive impression of our town to have infrastructure in place to meet the demands of the community.

Maybe you’ll never vote to help out our local institutions, and that’s your privilege but in a place where we value our independence and freedom; doesn’t it make sense to help pay for the things that we should value highly like places that educate our children? Just something to think about as you are out and about this summer.

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