Scranton Column: And now… |

Scranton Column: And now…

Lance Scranton

Now we are going to spend the summer trying to figure out how to get along again. We’ve been apart for so long and we have so many pent up ideas about what should be going on in our culture and how we should be conducting ourselves in public.

Now, we are being told to continue our efforts to mitigate a virus, but people are filling the streets in protest of a certain police officer’s conduct and the larger question of how we are treating each other, when we really aren’t sure about how we should conduct ourselves when we feel that we, or people we care about, have been wronged.

Now, our governmental leaders will be spending much of the next few months trying to figure out how to find money to make up for the many shortfalls caused by our economic shutdown. Business leaders will be trying to determine how their businesses will come out of the last few months having had their revenue projections completely shattered by shutdowns and profits slashed by temporary closings.

Now, we will try to spread out our collective imaginations locally so that we can envision a summer and fall that has some semblance of normalcy as we face an uncertain future with regard to our energy industry and the future of our community.

Now, each and every one of us will be forced to make a decision about how we progress into an unknown future filled with uncertainty about our attitudes toward the structures of our community and culture. Some will speak with volume about what they think and believe, while others will stay quiet and see how things play out.

Now, we find out who we really are because what we think and believe will be revealed in how we conduct ourselves in the next few months.

And now, we will see who we are as a people in our grand republic experiment!

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