Scranton Column: …and a Happy New Year! |

Scranton Column: …and a Happy New Year!

Christmas is right around the corner and I’m always excited about the Holiday Season but this year it’s taken on new meaning. I’ve been spoiled for so many years that there are certain things that I know I’ve taken for granted. With a COVID Christmas on the horizon; there are things we used to do and places we used to go that are off limits these days.

Every year you get invited to the obligatory Christmas party – or two – or three, and you likely try and find an excuse to miss the one you were least likely excited about attending. But this year if there were suddenly 5 or 10 get-togethers; I’m pretty sure that I’d be excited to go to every one of them and stay longer than usual. Between work and friends and church and business; the season was always packed with opportunities that presented a whole bunch of reasons to say no because you likely just wanted to spend some quiet time with a small group of family.

The marching orders we are getting this Christmas won’t give any of us much excuse to spend time with our immediate family because those are the only people the experts want us to be around! Whoever would have thought that we would all be sitting around wondering if we would ever be able to go see a basketball game, or a wrestling match up at the high school on a snowy evening and run into the fans and friends that we are all used to seeing?

It’s still weird to walk into restaurants and see chairs and tables stacked up against the wall in the name of social distancing. Whoever thought social distancing would even become a thing? It’s the strangest concept when you think about the way we have completely adjusted our perceptions of responsible behavior. I never thought that I would be more concerned about what people were wearing on their face – other than a smile. Masks used to hide people’s faces when they wanted to get away with something but now they are a socially acceptable indication of responsible behavior!

The good old days will return and before you know it; you’ll be politely telling people that you can’t make it to their party because you just need some peace and quiet. We will be cheering together up at the high school for our favorite sports teams and getting ready to celebrate at an awards banquet or a wedding! Soon, when we see someone with a mask on, we will know that something isn’t right and when someone we haven’t seen for a while gives us a big hug and shakes our hand; we won’t shrink away worrying about a virus.

It’s the season for faith and I am certain that things are going to work themselves out and we will all be getting back to the things that we thought just made our lives busy but now realize were the very things that make it all worthwhile.

Hope you have a great Christmas and get to enjoy the things that make it special. No excuses for not relaxing this year – we don’t really have a choice!


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