Lance Scranton: A new year, new hope |

Lance Scranton: A new year, new hope

Lance Scranton
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The holiday season is wrapping up and the new year is about to become a reality. 2019 began with all kinds of controversy and it is certain that 2020 will be much the same.

Nationally, President Trump continues to battle it out with the legislative branch of our government, which seems intent on making impeachment an issue all the way up to election day in November. Locally, our town is still trying to figure out how to make a go of it as our coal mines and power plants continue to be attacked, and our local hospital tries to deal with some unsettling budgetary issues.

Taking stock of what is happening as we enter the new year, it is clear that the mines are still operating, the power plant is still making power, and our local hospital is still providing services to our community. Objectively, we are a community that is fiscally healthy for the near future and our local infrastructure will continue to get the attention that it deserves if we are serious about maintaining our viability into the future.

The future is really what a new year gets us thinking about and 2020 will be no different. Many people I’ve spoken to over the past few weeks are certain that things will go along as they always have and we will be having the same discussions as we head into 2021. Some people are still waiting for the strong economic news we keep hearing about to reach our part of the country and hope that something will happen to brighten up our economic future.

All that I know for certain is that should we, as a community, decide to invest in our city and county as 2020 takes off, we won’t regret the results. We can optimistically look at the future of our town and determine that it is worth the sacrifice to continue the lifestyle we enjoy in Northwest Colorado. There isn’t a place in our entire country that is without issues or problems that can’t be solved by people who care deeply about the place they have decided to call home.

I, like you, speak to people who constantly complain and blather on about the woes of living in Craig, Colorado but I am hopeful that in 2020 they will make a decision to support the efforts to make our city better. We are a unique city with unique issues that will require unique solutions and I hope that as 2020 unfolds I can be a part of the majority who will do whatever it takes to continue making Craig and Moffat County a place that I am proud to call my home.

Happy New Year and let’s help each other make 2020 a great one for our city and county!

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