Rushing Ahead! |

Rushing Ahead!

Lance Scranton

It’s always exciting when the leaves begin to change, fall off the trees, wind blows hard, temperatures begin to drop, mornings are darker, and we might even get a snowstorm. Fall in Colorado is a meteorologist’s nightmare as the shifts in the weather patterns are as difficult to predict as a Broncos performance on Sunday!

But, here on the ground, where we wake up to the unknown and still are expected to get on with the day and do our jobs, the weather can definitely have an impact. Some of us have proudly spent years boasting about how snow blowers are a waste of money and that shoveling sidewalks and driveways is a hearty good exercise in manliness! But over time we get a little bit wiser and with fewer children in the household, and a few more dollars in our wallet, we give in to the lure of the mechanized powder diffuser.

Waking up to the white stuff blanketing our driveways and roads sets up a flurry of activity as the snowplows race into action to get roads cleared so we can all get to our appointed places to carry out our allotted tasks.

There is nothing like walking outside on a cold winter morning to find the plows have already cleared the road in front of your house and left you a special gift to remind you how much work they have to perform after a storm.

The “extra” snow piled up in the driveway can send you into a conspiratorial flurry as you begin to try and predict the next snowfall and strategically position your vehicles along the road so that the plow’s onslaught doesn’t completely barricade you in your own driveway. But, with shovel in hand, or snow blower at full RPMs, you clear the packed ivory concrete and live to tell another tale of successfully putting the snow “in its place!”

But, let’s not rush ahead too fast! Fall is one of the best seasons in Northwest Colorado. Halloween is on the way, Thanksgiving will be here before you know it and we can all take solace in the fact that the world seems to be following some kind of logical order — even if our politicians aren’t! Onward we brave the elements as a proud Coloradan who understands the necessity of preparedness but enjoying the unique characteristics of our part of the country!

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