Prather’s Pick: A novel with twists |

Prather’s Pick: A novel with twists

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Imagine that you are a wife who spends only one day a week with your husband. That’s because he spends the rest of the time with his other two wives. The three wives in the novel are named for days of the week—Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Thursday is the narrator of the novel. Readers get to see things through her point of view.

Seth and his partner Alex own Emerald City Development. The offices are in Seattle and Portland. Thursday lives in Seattle; the other two women live in Portland. The women have never met one another.

“The Wives” was written by Tarryn Fisher, author of nine “New York Times” and “USA TODAY” bestselling novels. “The Wives” was published by Graydon House (2019).

The novel begins when Seth is in Seattle. He arrives at Thursday’s house (on Thursday) at six o’clock. Thursday has prepared a nice dinner. They talk about Seth’s week. He says that twenty-five-year-old, blonde-haired Monday is still in her first trimester of pregnancy and isn’t feeling well. He doesn’t talk much about Tuesday and Thursday doesn’t ask because she senses that he’s uncomfortable talking about her.

Tuesday was the first wife, a career woman, and she didn’t want to have children. So he divorced her and married Thursday. Thursday got pregnant but then miscarried and as a result can’t get pregnant again. So that’s when Monday became a wife. That’s how things are now, but be forewarned; things may not be as they seem.

Then one day, when she is doing laundry, Thursday finds a folded piece of paper in Seth’s dress pants pocket. It’s an appointment reminder from a doctor’s office, and the woman’s name is Hannah Ovark. Thursday wonders if that might be Monday’s name. She has the need to find out.

Thursday does some sneaky tracking and ends up going to Hannah’s house. She doesn’t tell Hannah who she is. The women become friends and go out for coffee. Then Thursday notices some bruises on Hannah’s body. Can Seth be doing this? He has never been violent with her.

Thursday is on a roll now. She goes in search of Tuesday who turns out to be Regina, an attorney.

This is only the beginning. The conflict sends Thursday over the edge. There’s more than one twist to the novel—a really big one at the end.

“The Wives,” in paperback, costs $16.99. There’s a Reader’s Guide in the book.

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