Prather’s Pick: A hilarious picture book |

Prather’s Pick: A hilarious picture book

Prather’s Pick: A hilarious picture book

This week’s picture book is hilarious—a good way for children to start the new year. “Arr, Mustache Baby!” was written by Bridget Heos and illustrated by Joy Ang. The book is published by Clarion Books, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (2019).

The highly-imaginative book begins as two babies share a toast by lifting their “ sippy” cups as they rest in their lawn chairs. Impossible as it may seem, Baby Billy was born with a mustache while Baby Javier was born with a beard.

One day the mates set off across the seven seas (actually a swimming pool filled with kids). While at sea in an inflated floating device, they save some wrecked passengers (a Barbie-type doll), stranded whales ( a surprised older kid), and a sea monster (a girl wearing glasses and a snorkel device). Boy, were Baby Billy and Baby Javier ever proud of their good deeds.

Also, via active imagination, the babies believe they’re fishermen, submarine scientists, explorers, entertainers on a cruise ship, and finally- navy sailors. As sailors they’re determined to find treasure hidden by two pirates—Captain Kid and Short John Silver (a girl). Both of these pirates are babies, too.

So Baby Billy and Baby Javier find the spot, marked by an “X,” where the treasure is buried. They dig and dig and dig. Sure enough, they find the treasure that includes glasses, big rings, a ball, a doll, a snorkel device, glasses, and a toy shark. They return the items to their owners, the kids at the swimming pool. Just then a strange ship appears, manned by pirates Captain Kid and Short John Silvers.

The pirates are mad and ready for a fight. They load their cannons (balloons filled with water) and take aim at Baby Billy and Baby Javier. They demand the treasure. A fight ensues. Billy’s mustache grows and gets pointed at the ends, and Javier’s beard grows and looks pointier. A pirate hat and an eye patch, and the babies are pirates themselves.

The pirate babies duel and loot until they’re caught, but not by Captain Kid and Short John Silvers. In the end their parents are in charge, but that’s not the end.

This is one in a series of “Mustache Baby” books. This week’s hardcover book sells for about

$17.99, but you can also find it at the Craig Branch of Moffat County Libraries. Request the book for curbside delivery.


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