Prather’s Pick: A funny book for Easter |

Prather’s Pick: A funny book for Easter

Prather's Pick

“How to Catch the Easter Bunny,” written by New York Times bestselling author and illustrator Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton, is sure to be a favorite picture book with kids. The story is told in rhyme, and the illustrations are colorful and lively.

The story begins at E.B.’s place—it says so right over the gate. There are all kinds of egg-making machines inside and peeps to work them, too.

“I’ve been working long and hard with all my peeps and crew. We’ve made eggs, and now I’m here to bring them all to you.”

In the beginning, E.B.’s identity is a secret. That’s because he has a special job. But then the reader gets a look at E.B.’s office. His desk chair is turned backwards. His initials are on the back of the chair. A cup with “World’s Best Hopper” sets on the desk. So does a “Mr. Bunny” name sign. A basket of colored eggs is on one side of the desk and a pot of growing carrots on the other. E.B. has a pink phone. The reader notices two big floppy ears sticking out above the desk chair.

And then, suddenly, E.B. turns his chair around and reveals himself to the reader. He has a huge smile on his face and a yellow polka-dotted bow around his neck. He says he’s the Easter Bunny, and he’s coming to the reader’s home. How might someone catch the Easter Bunny?

First of all, you might put some carrots on a plate and rig up a box with a stick. When the bunny tries to eat the carrots, he will become trapped in the box. But you have to be fast or the bunny escapes.

So next, you might cover a hole with a rug, but that’s not such a good idea because rabbits know how to burrow. Or you might try putting a hole in a dance floor with some carrots for bait. Even then the bunny just hip hops behind the door.

Even a more brilliant plan, involving a stuffed lady bunny singing into a microphone (sound provided by a hidden tape recorder) doesn’t fool the Easter Bunny. Pirates or sharks swimming around a pirate ship can’t catch the bunny, either.  (The Easter Bunny has been hiding eggs and baskets since 1682.) E.B. just sails away in the pirate ship and leaves the pirates on a small island.

In spite of everything the Easter Bunny gets all his treats delivered. This is a very lively story.

“How to Catch the Easter Bunny” is published by Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, 2017. It costs about $10.99.

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