Prather’s Pick: A fun Christmas book for children |

Prather’s Pick: A fun Christmas book for children

This week’s column features a children’s picture book that’s sure to make its readers smile. Froggy, Matthew, and Travis, characters in “Froggy’s Best Christmas”, have never celebrated the holiday before because they have always been asleep, but this year Max, the beaver, decides to wake them up.

“Froggy’s Best Christmas” is one of several picture books about Froggy, written by Jonathan London and illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz. The books are published by Viking.

As the book begins, Froggy is sound asleep, dreaming about snow. It is the night before Christmas, but Froggy has several months of sleep left. Suddenly there’s a “thump, thump” sound on the window pane. At first Froggy thinks he’s dreaming that his friend Max is throwing snowballs against his window. But then the noise wakes him up, and, sure enough, there’s Max. He has a present for Froggy.

Boy, is Froggy excited. It’s his first Christmas present. Max reminds him that it’s his first Christmas, too. The present is the picture of a tree, and Max says they’re going to wake up their friends and find a real tree as a gift for Froggy.

So Froggy pulls on socks (which is no easy task for a frog) and puts on a shirt, pants, coat, scarf, hat, and gloves. “Flop, flop, flop,” he’s off.

Max and Froggy wake up Matthew, a turtle, and Travis, a bear, and the four friends are off in search of a tree. There are lots of trees from which to choose—skinny ones, fat ones, short ones, and tall ones—but finally they select the perfect tree, and Max gnaws at the trunk until it falls. They drag the tree home.

Christmas is about friends and family so Max invites his grandpa and grandma to help trim the tree. Froggy makes presents for his mother and father, and pretty soon they wake up and join the fun, too. The four friends and family members join in all of the traditional Christmas activities.

This is a heartwarming, feel-good-all-over book to share with children for the holiday.

“Froggy’s Best Christmas,” intended for ages 2 to 6, costs about $15.99 in hardcover. You can find it, with other books about Froggy in the children’s room at the Craig Moffat County Library.


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