Prather’s Pick: A book with animal sounds |

Prather’s Pick: A book with animal sounds

Prather's Pick

Easter is less than a month away so this week’s column (next week’s, too) features a children’s picture book to celebrate the holiday. That way you have time to find the books for your children.

Little children love rhyming words, bright colors, pull-up flaps to reveal surprises, and sounds—all which are found in this week’s delightful picture book. “Crunch! Munch! Bunny” was written by Clare Lloyd and published by D K Publishing (2019).

The book is made from durable cardboard so that little hands can turn the pages as much as they like without tearing them. One page of each “double page spread” features a flap for kids to lift, revealing a surprise which is made more delightful because there’s an animal sound, too.

The book is a light/activated sound book (to be used in good light) with a small battery-operated apparatus built into the back of the book. Batteries are replaceable.

The stars of the story are real stuffed animals that have been photographed and then placed in illustrated pages of fields of grass and flowers, barnyard buildings, and a pond. As the story begins, Bunny, a white rabbit with pink ears and nose, pops out of her burrow. A blue and white-dotted bird sits on a branch overhead. Bunny has a basket over her arm. She’s going to hunt for something to eat.

“Bunny hops out of her burrow, she’s looking for carrots to eat. Can you help this furry friend find a tasty treat?”

On the next page, a flap invites the reader to see if there are any carrots behind it. But instead the reader finds a little lamb. Little lamb says, “Baa! Baa!,” both in words and in actual sounds, too.

So Bunny goes on to a pond. A dragonfly is flying around some cattails. Will there be any carrots when the reader opens the flap? This time Splashy Duck is behind the flap. The reader gets to hear his quacking sounds.

Bunny continues to look for the carrots. Children will be delighted at the sounds in the book, including “clip clops” and the sound of gnawing.

I love this book, but, even more important, so will children!

“Crunch! Munch! Bunny” costs $14.99, but I found the book at City Market where the price has been marked down until the end of March.

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