Prather’s Pick: A book for Valentine’s Day |

Prather’s Pick: A book for Valentine’s Day

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Books about Curious George have been around awhile. First written by H.A. Ray, the books for ages 2-6  have always begun the same way: “He was a good little monkey and always very curious.” In the stories, the little monkey, Curious George, lives with the Man with the Yellow Hat. Readers can count on George to get himself into all kinds of interesting situations.

 Last week I found “Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George!” in a display of Valentine picture books. This book was written by N. Di Angelo and illustrated, in the style of H.A.Ray, by Mary O’Keefe Young. The book is published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company (2010).

In the story, Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat are getting ready for an afternoon with the neighborhood kids. The Man with the Yellow Hat is dressed all in yellow, except for his boots. He even wears a yellow tie. His hat is pointed on top. He is taking decorations out of a box. George is excited. He opens the door, one of the many fold-out flaps in the book, and there are the kids and a cute dog with a red bow tied around his neck.

George and the kids get right to work. They hang up decorations. George manages to get tangled up in the crepe paper, but it gets hung up anyway. They cover the table with a heart-decorated tablecloth and set out cookies and frosting and sprinkles for decorating them. They hang balloons on chairs. Meanwhile George blows up a red heart-shaped balloon. It gets bigger and bigger and then the reader opens a flap to show what happens.

Next the kids decorate the cookies and set the table for their Valentine’s Day refreshments. Then they sit down on the floor to make cards. George even makes a yellow hat card for the Man with the Yellow Hat. Just then the man brings in a big box, sets it down, and leaves again. Being curious, George investigates the box. What can he do with it? He tries all kinds of things but then has a plan. The reader has to open the flap to find just what he has in mind.

The book continues in this manner with a surprise at the end. This is a fun book for Valentine’s Day readers. The cover and other parts of the book are done in a glossy red color which gives it a festive look.

 I found this hardcover book in a display of other Valentine books at City Market. It costs $8.88.

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