Prather’s Pick: A book about Farmer Brown’s farm |

Prather’s Pick: A book about Farmer Brown’s farm

Prather's Pick

The “Click, Clack” books, written by Doreen Cronin and illustrated by Betsy Lewin, are popular with children. I found this week’s new book of the series (2020) in the children’s room at the Craig branch of the Moffat County Library. All of the stories in the “Click, Clack” series take place at Farmer Brown’s farm.

As “Click, Clack, Good Night” begins, it’s nighttime on the farm. All of the animals are tired. The sheep and one cow yawn. One rooster is already asleep, perched on top of a cow’s head. The cow’s eyes look pretty droopy.

Farmer Brown pats the cows’ heads and turns out the cow light. The cows look comfortable, indeed, all cuddled up on the hay. Then the farmer brushes the sheep before he turns out their light. The sheep pile up on top of one another and fall fast asleep. Farmer Brown turns out their light, too.

The chickens get covered with a blanket as they fall asleep. This time the farmer turns on their chicken night light (shaped like a chicken, too).

Only Duck remains awake. (Duck is the main character of many of the “Click, Clack” books.) Farmer Brown is pretty tired himself, but he tries to help Duck get to sleep. He holds Duck on his lap and rocks in a rocking chair while singing the duck a song and reading him a story. He even puts on a puppet show and discusses the day’s news stories. He turns out the duck light.

Farmer Brown falls asleep in the rocking chair, but Duck remains awake. He tries to sleep with the cows, but it’s way too crowded. He tries to sleep with the sheep, but the pile of sheep is way too soft. Duck even crawls under the blanket with the chickens, but with their night light and all, it’s too light.

So, next Duck goes outside. He finds a spot under a maple tree where it isn’t too crowded or soft or light, but there’s a bunch of bats in the tree, and they keep him awake with their “chit, chat, chatter.”

Duck tries to sleep at the pond, too, but it is full of frogs. What is he to do? Duck finally finds the right spot.

The book has funny watercolor illustrations, repetition of words, and lovable characters. Children will love it.

This week’s book is published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. The hardcover book costs $17.99.

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