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Pipi’s Pasture: Neighbors meet up at the fair

One of the “neatest” things to come out of a county fair is getting to meet up with neighbors that we haven’t seen for awhile. That applies to relatives and other people that don’t live close by, too. It’s fun to stand back and listen as fairgoers meet up with one another in the fairgrounds pavilion and barn.

Following are some examples of what you might hear as people meet up with one another…

• “How is the summer treating you? Did you have a good hay crop? Ours was a little short this year. “

• “Do you think the cattle market will hold up come October and November?”

• “What do you think about the ‘goings on’ in Washington right now? How do you think President Trump is doing?”

• “You haven’t got a stray Angus bull at your place, have you? We’ve been missing one for a couple of weeks.”

• “Did you run out of pond water on your upper pasture early this spring? We did by the first week in July—earlier than usual.”

• “With all the cold weather we had this spring, I didn’t get my planting done on time. I’m surprised that I had any ripe tomatoes to bring to the fair.”

• “Come see the marigolds that I have entered in the fair. The blossoms are big this year. I’m not sure why.”

• “What do you think about this weather? We had a dickens of a rain out home last night. There is water standing in all of the little holes in the road.”

• “We’re here to watch the grandkids show their steers. They raised them themselves this year.”

• “It looks like there are more canning entries than usual this year.”

• “Hey there! I haven’t seen you in ages. How have you been doing anyway? Did you bring something to enter in the fair?”

• “I had trouble getting this jelly to gel.” (Turns the jar of jelly to one side.) “I’m not sure what happened. Maybe the berries weren’t ripe enough.”

• “I don’t think there are many chokecherries this year. It’s a good thing that I canned extra juice last year.”

• “Wasn’t it too bad about old (name)? I’m not surprised. He hadn’t been doing very well.”

• “I promised this quilt to my daughter. It will go with her bedroom colors. I had to hurry to finish it in time for the fair so this last stitching isn’t so good.”

• “I tried a new guacamole recipe. I don’t know how it will do in the contest, but my family likes it.”

• “Did you come in to listen to the John Wayne Band play their gospel music this morning? Wasn’t it wonderful?”

• “Look at those paintings. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have all that talent?”

• “Are you going to drive up into Wyoming to see the eclipse? People say you will be able to see it better up there. Mom says the last time there was a solar eclipse the chickens went to roost.”

• “Every year I say that I’m going to enter something in the fair, but I never get it done. Maybe next year