Pete Pleasant: Hospital, college transactions raise concerns |

Pete Pleasant: Hospital, college transactions raise concerns

As a property owner and taxpayer in Moffat County, I have a few questions regarding all the transactions recently by the Memorial Hospital.

The Board of Trustees for Memorial Hospital paid $600,000 plus for a location near Walmart so they could have a new medical clinic constructed.

Now, that same board of trustees has asked the Board of Control of Moffat County Affiliated Junior College District (Colorado Northwestern Community College) to donate eight-plus acres of land adjoining the hospital location. In exchange, the hospital will pay the cost of the survey and expenses associated with any necessary re-plat.

If the location near Walmart was just under three acres, then the eight-plus acres near the hospital must be worth more than the cost of a survey and re-plat.

The taxpayers of Moffat County purchased the undeveloped real estate for the purpose of building a community college campus. The amount of ground purchased was adequate for future development of the college.

As taxpayers in Moffat County, we paid to have this land purchased by the college district. Why would the college board of control even think about giving any of this ground away to any entity?

Pete Pleasant


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