Linsacum column: Control your narrative and stay positive |

Linsacum column: Control your narrative and stay positive

Travis Linsacum and Sara Linsacum, owners of LinsFitt.
Courtesy Photo / LinsFitt

Fear, uncertainty, hoarding, isolation, and panic are a few words we can all relate to these days.

Our thoughts day-in and day-out turn into our actions.  We are no doubt treading in uncharted waters. It’s in our nature to consider the worst-case scenario and begin to panic.

Let it go; control your narrative. Stay positive and focus on the things that are within your control.

Our mindset is a powerful thing.  If we look at all of the things we can’t control and continually talk about them, we naturally get into a negative headspace.  It is essential that we take this time to diligently think about our thoughts and words. May this time in our lives bring a chance of renewal and growth; that we focus on our mind, our priorities, and energy. It’s going to be interesting to see what lessons we take away from this experience. 

Take the small wins. There has never been a better opportunity to pursue some goals that you have been putting off. Fresh coat of paint on the house, clean the garage, read that book you’ve been wanting to, start your fitness journey, meal prep, or reach out to your friends and family that you’ve been meaning to call.

Take time in silence to prioritize what is essential in your life and start taking the steps to put those things first. What is essential to you is probably all things you can do in your life right now from where you are. All of these things I just mentioned are easy wins that will make you feel good and let’s face it…you’re not doing anything else at the moment.

Stay in touch. Social media has its flaws like anything else, but no one can deny how easy it makes staying in touch with your friends and family. Take advantage of it. How important human relationships are is one of the key lessons I hope we take away from this experience. I promise you when you reach out to an old friend to check up on them it will make their day and make yours too. 

Get some exercise, too. Elevating your heart rate for as little as 15 minutes triggers an endorphin rush and makes your feel like a million bucks! Fitness is a trend that has blown up in our community in the past few years. If you’re not sure how to start, reach out to someone. Despite the stay at home order, there are a lot of people staying active. Call your “fit” friend and ask questions; they will be excited to help!

Here’s another way to take advantage of social media. There are so many great ideas out there for home workouts that require little to no equipment. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

There are things we can control and things we can’t, stay focused on the right one. Figure out what is essential and prioritize it. That will require you to take action first.

Start with small wins, work on those relationships and don’t forget…EXERCISE! Please don’t underestimate the importance of this one. It doesn’t have to be exactly what your friends are doing, but take the time to find what works for you and get moving.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay positive!

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