St. Michael’s Community Kitchen: Thank you so much for the help |

St. Michael’s Community Kitchen: Thank you so much for the help

St. Michael’s Community Kitchen thanks Memorial Regional Health for donating the refrigerator and freezer walk-ins to the Community Kitchen.  We thank you for maintaining the equipment while it was at 785 Russell St.  What a blessing to have the walk-ins close to the kitchen, making storing and retrieving food much easier for all the volunteers.

Thank you, AGP Processing, for storing all the meat we had in the walk-in before the move. Without you, we would’ve had to find several places to store meat while the freezer was being relocated.

Thank you, Masterworks, for dismantling and moving the walk-ins to the Community Kitchen site. Thank you for reassembling, cleaning both the walk-ins and shelves, and for monitoring the performance of the equipment before use.

Thank you, D&N Electric, for all electrical work. The walk-ins could not “just be plugged in.” Thanks for all your work ensuring we are complying with code and all is operating as it should be.

Thank you, Greg Knez, for all the preparation work providing a pad upon which to place the walk-ins, trenching for the electric, meeting with the inspectors and finishing, all the tasks which needed addressed.

Thank you, Dale Martin, for building the structure to protect the walk-ins from inclement weather.

St. Michael’s Community Kitchen thanks all of you for your commitment and support, without which the Community Kitchen could not provide the services needed.

Robin Schiffbauer, St. Michael’s Community Kitchen