Robin Schiffbauer: Fortunate to have our hospital |

Robin Schiffbauer: Fortunate to have our hospital

After seeing a segment on CBS Sunday Morning News, I realized how fortunate we are to have a facility such as Memorial Regional Health.

There are so many rural hospitals closing due to financial struggles and finding qualified personnel. We are fortunate to have the medical care that thousands of people are now going without. We do not have to drive out of area for specialists. It wasn’t long ago that my own children were seen in Grand Junction as no specialists were available closer to home. Not only do several specialists come from other areas, MRH has hired several specialists to give everyone in this community the best medical care.

I was employed by the MRH system until my retirement. I worked with managers and employees who worked very hard to provide the best service they could. I continue to look for all the positives MRH provides in our community, employing over 400 of our neighbors and family members and is a valuable part of our community.

Robin Schiffbauer