Liz Johnson: Thanks for latest dinosaur addition |

Liz Johnson: Thanks for latest dinosaur addition

When I returned from two weeks of rugged paleontology field work, I was filled with thanks and gratitude as “Blue” greeted me in the halls of Colorado Northwestern Community College.

It was a welcome surprise as our crew left for fieldwork when Blue was being created at Whittle the Wood. It is truly an exquisite piece of art that will be used as a part of CNCC paleo’s mission to utilize, protect and educate all “kids at heart” about northwest Colorado’s paleontological resources.

As curator of paleontology at Colorado Northwestern Field Museum, the federal fossil repository CNCC houses, I want to personally thank all those who played a part of the acquisition of Blue.

Thanks goes to CNCC and the City of Craig who value the importance of paleontology in our local area. But the most thanks goes to Ken Braun, artist, whom created this marvelous piece of art. It will be used for years to come.

Elizabeth “Liz” Johnson, Curator of Paleontology & Science Faculty