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Letter to the editor: Questioning college’s proposed mill levy increase

The conceptual design representing the housing facility to be located near the community college that found its way to the front page (The $19 Million question) of the Press does look rather nice.

On the flip side, a proposed mill levy increase now in the wake of the city’s proposed sales tax increase looks rather dismal.

I find it troubling for a local educational board to solicit funds for a new facility when the school district has existing facilities and grounds that are in a state of degradation. I urge all members of the community to take a walk around the grounds of our local schools, take note of the paved areas that are full of patches, sink holes, and cracks that are filled with weeds rather than sealer.

These areas have been lacking in maintenance for years, now ask yourself: should we take on another facility?

Wouldn’t a mill levy increase be more suited to supporting our existing facilities and faculty? These are the areas where the majority of your children and our local teachers occupy. Don’t forget to consider the individuals that currently provide housing to these college students, I don’t believe they would view this proposed housing unit as beneficial.

The Press article also mentions a comment from Dave DeRose stating he would vote for a mill levy increase earmarked for the housing facility quicker than supporting a city sales-tax increase, stating the money collected from the mill levy would go back into the community … Darn, I thought the city sales tax went back into the community as well, now I am confused.

Moving on, I urge all property owners and registered voter to look closely into these tax increase initiatives coming up in our near future. And never vote in favor of a tax increase that also asks you to relinquish the rights you have as a tax payer under the “Colorado Taxpayers Bill of Rights.”

Dave Wallace


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