Larry, Sharon Pletcher: Identify yourself |

Larry, Sharon Pletcher: Identify yourself

Our friends and beloved neighbors, Joan and Melvin Snyder wrote a reasonable and polite letter to the Moffat County School Board and community June 19, 2019 expressing their deep concerns about the proposed Moffat County School Board’s transfer of Yampa School to the Memorial Regional Hospital. They urged community members to attend the Moffat County School Board meeting June 20th at CNCC.

A letter to the Editor quickly appeared in rebuttal to their letter and was penned by Memorial Regional Hospital (later added Administration) with no individual’s name given who is responsible for this lengthy letter setting Joan and Melvin straight. The Snyder’s names were mentioned two times in this diatribe to illustrate that they were so misinformed and not worthy of their own opinions.

We are writing in defense of these Craig citizens who deserve respect. 

The individual or individuals who wrote at length to set everyone straight should have been required to give their name before any publication was allowed. How cowardly to hide behind “Memorial Regional Hospital Administration.” Please identify yourself so the community and the Snyders know who is responsible for these words.

Larry and Sharon Pletcher