John Kinkaid: What’s the cost? |

John Kinkaid: What’s the cost?

This week someone asked me about Craig Fire Rescue’s training tower. So yesterday I dug back into the Colorado Department of Local Affairs’ website and got some numbers. In 2012 CFR spent $622,701 on the construction of the training tower. In 2013 $826,810 was spent. So the total expense of the tower in those two years was just short of $1.5 million. That number, however, does not include the price of the land and I wasn’t able to find that figure.

Again, I think that CFR should change their by-laws to allow for their elections to be held during county general elections to improve participation. Financials should be posted on the CFR website for transparency purposes. It’s just good government.

To be fair, the Craig Daily Press did publish the cost of the tower in a December 5, 2012 article about the ground breaking and in another article published on March 16, 2012. The fire department was up front about the cost.

I do wish that the community had that $1.5 million back.

John Kinkaid