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Jim Ellenberger: Why so graphic?

Lately, the journalism of some the Craig Press newspaper reporters has sunk to new lows.

Referencing the 2019 Yampa River cleanup article, dated 8/14/19, the detailed description of some of the items picked up, as listed in the first paragraph of the article, was just plain inappropriate and unnecessary. We really don’t appreciate some mental pictures. And why use slang words like “putrid”, “poo”, and “crap” in the wastewater plant article, 8/16/19? I think we can all get the picture using the words, raw sewage. I hope the newspaper’s editor will start reviewing the Craig Press articles much closer before print.

In my opinion, I have found one good thing about the Craig Press newspaper: their editorial staff is so consistently liberal, that all I have to do is read about what they support, and then I am assured all I need to do is vote the opposite way! 

Jim Ellenberger 

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