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Ed Wilkinson: Doesn’t anyone care anymore?

The City of Craig has chip-sealed and overlayed many streets around town in the last few years.

The utility holes are now anywhere form 2” to 4” below the surface of the streets. Driving over these holes not only jars your insides, but do not help with keeping your tires balanced, not to mention possible damage to the undercarriage of your vehicle. 

I worked for the telephone company here in Craig for 28 years. Whenever a street was overlayed or chip-sealed, I ordered rings for the telephone manholes to raise the lids to just below street level so the snow plows would not hit them.

The rings come in 1”, 2”, 3” and all you have to do is lift the lid, drop in the proper size ring or combination of rings and put the lid back on.

Now, how hard is that to do something that will stop everyone form swerving to miss the utility holes and maybe save the undercarriage of your vehicle?

I know the mayor, City Council members and all the city employees drive over the same holes.

Many tourists pass through our town and makes me wonder what they think when they hit one of more the potholes.

Doesn’t anyone care anymore?

Ed Wilkinson