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Letters to the editor

Letters to the Editor

A letter from the mayor

Good morning, Citizens of Craig and Moffat County

I would like to start by saying that it has been my privilege and honor to have served on City Council since 2013. First as a wide eyed, idealistic Council member and then as a, (bit more refined) Mayor. As the election and the ever-changing economic landscape of Craig and Moffat County quickly approaches, I find myself reflecting deeper and harder about, “What’s best for the City of Craig”.

You see that was the whole reason I started this journey so many years ago, (like many elected officials before me including the amazing people I currently serve with), was to help continue to make Craig Colorado and Moffat County one of the best places to live, raise a family, work and play! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Craig and Moffat County are made up of tough, gritty resilient people and I could not be more proud to call Craig home!

I started my political career with the statement, “vote for Jarrod Ogden, the most honest politician you’ll ever meet”! I know “honest and politician” probably don’t belong together and I’ll admit that way of thinking has not always been popular by all, but I didn’t run for office to make friends, I ran for office to help keep Craig great! I have maintained that honesty throughout my career on City Council and will continue. So as the election quickly approaches, I have been asking myself what is the best for Craig? The answer, all of you and your passion for our community! Now the city does need good leadership to direct all that passion and great ideas. As amazing a gift as it has been, to be trusted to be part of that leadership, I have to be honest and true with myself and have made the decision to not rerun for Mayor.

The best part is that we are all in good hands! The city staff are top notch and I have watched them do what’s best for Craig day in and day out without fail! The City Council is also an amazing group of hardworking dedicated folks and together they will help shape and thrust our community into the future!

Thoughts on the skateboard park

This letter is in response to the man that wants to build a skateboard park.

This would be a great place for kids, adults and families to have fun. But the $2,000,000.00 you say is needed to build it, I am certain is not available to build it. But I believe you said you had found a parcel of land that was available for this project. That is a real big plus.

That being the case, here is what you need to do.

Gather all your skateboard friends together. Go to that piece of land and start by building one, two or three small ramps or jumps. Even if they are constructed of 2X4’s and plywood. Then you will have a start. With that start, your group can start charging people to use the park, you can collect membership fees. And ask for donations of materials and money.

With these fees you can build more and better ramps and jumps. Whatever is wanted or needed. Then you will be able to collect more user and membership fees.

This may seem like a hard way to get the park you have in mind, but this is exactly how the Yampa Valley Golf Course was built. They started by building two or three holes, and making use of a lot of volunteer work. They used the few holes they started with to collect user and membership fees, and with those fees kept building more, until one day the course that is here now came into being.

They did not try to build an 18 hole course immediately, nor did they ask for any tax dollars to build it. Both of those would have been impossible.

So, if you are diligent, have patience, be prepared to sweat a lot, experience setbacks, and do not quit. You will in time, get the park you envision. If you go about this project in this manner, you can expect me to make a generous donation.

I wish you all the best success possible towards the construction of a skateboard park.

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