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Letters to the editor

Letters to the Editor

Show some respect to the band

Why does the announcer of the basketball game play music when the high school band is doing their best to play over all the other noise?

They deserve as much respect as the basketball players, cheerleaders, people at the score desk and the announcer and refs!

They practice as much as all the other people!

In defense of the newspaper

I tried to let Mr. Day’s Letter to the Editor just slide, but in good conscience I could not. At one time, we had a great Editor in Jim Patterson. When we lost Jim, we got a sports editor from Glenwood Springs. I asked him repeatedly to give us some local news, not just sports all the time. We want to know what is going on in town. First and foremost to me is crime. We want to know about local businesses, opening or closing. We want to know about events…before they happen, not weeks after they are over. We want to know what is going on in our local government. Yes, we still want some sports. We want to know how our local athletes are doing, but we also want to know what other kids are accomplishing, from robotics, to 4-H, FBLA to school plays., and everything in between. We were getting very little of any of that. Instead, we got stories from Aspen, Glenwood, and the front range, copied and pasted to our paper. Fortunately for us, that editor moved on. He was replaced by Cuyler Meade. In the short time Cuyler has been in Craig, just since June, he has made great improvements to our paper, with the support of General Manager, Sheli Steele. He has fully immersed himself, and his family, into Craig, the people of Craig, and the lifestyles we lead. The Meade family has made Craig their home, and have assimilated quite nicely. Cuyler has been doing an excellent job of bringing us local news, and some news outside of Craig that has an impact on us. With the fairly recent addition of Eliza Noe, we are getting accurate and detailed reports about our local government, as well as other important, fact based stories. Now we have new owners, and a new General Manager. I don’t know where they will take us, but based on introductions, I will presume we will keep on the same path of local news.

So, yes. There was a brief time when I would have agreed that we had the worst newspaper. But, it continues to get better under our current editor, Cuyler Meade. I will add…if you see something you don’t like, or want to suggest something that you do like…drop an email to Cuyler. He is a good guy, always open to listen, and he loves Craig. That is important to me, as I love Craig, am grateful to call Craig my home, and am certainly not embarrassed.

Thanks from the Senior Social Center

The Senior Social Center wants to send out huge thanks to Vallartas and to El Manantial for the great food provided to us for our recent Membership Drive. The taco bar was abundant and the bakery goodies filled everyone up to capacity after dinner. Thanks Vanessa and Mario.

And to our volunteers, one and all, who as always are there to help set up, schlep, man the requisite tables for us, move those tables and many chairs, then to break down, often after an already long day, our heartfelt thanks to you as well.

Our staff are always great and on the ball for us to fill in all the blanks to make these events happen without a hitch. We have a fantastic team of members, board members and staff, and for that we are eternally grateful.

Welcome new faces to the Senior Social Center family!

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