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Letters to the editor

Letters to the Editor

Frustration over the Health Services District

Memorial Regional Health has a problem. The cost of providing Emergency Medical Services is not sustainable. In February of 2021 they registered the trade name “Friends of Northwest Colorado Ambulance District.” A task force was formed. Of the nine, seven are affiliated with the hospital, including employees and board members. There was no representation from Maybell, Dinosaur, Hamilton or Brown’s Park.

The hospital talking point, about Maybell having the opportunity to be involved, is just a distraction from the hospital failing to involve not only Maybell but the Moffat County public. Before this time, there was no community public meetings in any of the five regions of the county. I personally tried to attend a task force meeting to ask some questions. I was denied access to the meeting. I was told the task force answers solely to the hospital, meetings are private and I was not invited. I could submit my questions in writing.

A five-person board will govern the Health Service District. There was no organized, fulsome effort to recruit members of the community for this board. No handouts, guidelines, nor applications were made available at any of the event booths set up by the District or when they were soliciting signatures for the ballot. There was a notice published in the Leadville paper. When asked if this error could be corrected, Sam Radke stated, “We weren’t required to publish it at all.” The Health Service District held a community meeting in Maybell on Aug. 17. Though the requirement for a board was discussed, no information, handouts or applications were made available. No deadline to apply was communicated.

Micki Mills, the designated election official for the district, stated in the Craig Press on Aug. 27 that she had not yet received any nomination forms. With the deadline of Aug. 30 fast approaching the hospital task force submitted five applications. Two hospital employees, one from Dinosaur, a Craig City Council member and a Sheriff’s Office employee.

Twice the Maybell community representatives asked the Health Service District to slow down, remove the proposition from the ballot and take the time to do this right with stakeholder and community involvement. Offers were made to help explore alternatives to creating more government and taxes. These offers were rejected, leaving the only option of opposing the ballot issue.

I urge you to vote no on Propositions 6A and 6B.

A lesson on fairness

This letter is in response to the letter from (a former hospital employee who quit over vaccine mandates).

Yes, you do have many rights in this country. But your rights end when they interfere with my rights.

You do have a right to not take a vaccine. But I have the right to be healthy, and not have an unvaccinated person spreading this deadly illness. You DO NOT have the right to purposely infect others with a deadly illness because of your one-sidedness and selfishness.

To me this means if you refuse to get vaccinated for an illness that has already killed thousands of people, then my rights say you should stay inside your home and not leave for any reason until the pandemic is completely over.

If you will do this then the rights of both of us are preserved. If you refuse to stay home, then you are a selfish person that cares about no one except yourself.

If you refuse to be vaccinated or stay home then you are stepping on the rights of everyone else. If you expect other to respect your right to not be vaccinated, then respect our rights and stay inside your home, until the pandemic is completely cured.

Just a short lesson in democracy and fairness.

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