Melvin, Joan Snyder: School board suggestions |

Melvin, Joan Snyder: School board suggestions

What a shock when we read the article in Wednesday’s newspaper about the School District “giving” 1.6 million dollar piece of property to MRH. And the fact it has been in negotiation for 2 years!

Only a couple years ago the Moffat County School District was short of money. At that time the decision was made to eliminate one of the elementary schools. We understood the reason for this action was to make the school district financially sound. When the school board was unable to make a decision for them. Why was the Yampa Building included in this decision, if the purpose was to close an elementary school? How does it make sense that now, they can afford to “give” it (the Administration Building, which is the old Yampa School) to another Moffat County tax payer supported entity?

This transaction will decrease the Moffat County School District’s equity value and increase the MRH’s equity value. Would it be better to stay with the original plan and sell the Yampa Building for the appraised value of 1.6 million so that money could be used to help educate the students of our county?

If there is a need for a drug rehab facility, why not save the taxpayer a good deal of money that will be spent on demolishing the old hospital building and use it for that purpose. That certainly does seem to make more sense than turning over a historic building to an out of state company, which the community knows nothing about. Who knows what exactly are the plans to “revamp” it to meet the needs of this out of state company. Also, apparently they are going to bring in patients from out of town to support this business. What happens if they don’t have enough to support their plan and we are then stuck with a building that has been “revamped” to who knows what. The fact that this is an out of state firm that has no ties to our community makes a person wonder what they really have planned. 

God bless the board members’ hearts and we hope they will make the best decision for the tax payers of Moffat County and the historic old school building. We really hope they are not persuaded by smooth talking lobbyists who care nothing about the history or future of our community. 

Anyone who is interested in this issued is urged to attend the meeting of the Board of Education on June 20 at 4:00 at the CNCC Campus. We need people to come and voice your opinion.

Melvin and Joan Snyder

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