Melvin and Joan Snyder: Building use |

Melvin and Joan Snyder: Building use

To the taxpayers of Moffat County, the Moffat County School Board and The Memorial Hospital Board.

We have a lot of concern regarding the Yampa School Building that has been used for an educational building since it was built. We know the Christian School requested use of the building and was shut out without any reason being given. 

The land and the building have been paid for by the taxpayers through the years, including the maintenance and upgrades. If the school district gives it to the hospital (for $10.00), it will be a county facility. Therefore it will not be liable for any property taxes. 

We know a lot of people think we need a drug rehab center here in Craig. Maybe we do. At the last school board meeting we were informed there is quite a drug problem in our area. Is it a concern that an out of town corporation can take over and run a tax supported facility for profit? Follow the money and see who the investors are in these out of state companies and who is going to profit from this venture. If this venture fails and they remodel the Yampa Building to fit their purpose, guess who is going to get stuck with a tax supported building that won’t be able to be used for a school facility again? All the profits generated by the investors will go to benefit them and probably won’t stay in this community. If the community is in need of a private for-profit treatment facility they should purchase their own property, build a building to fit their needs and there fore not be involved with our hospital and pay property tax like any other business does.

This group of people are trying to con our school board into providing a building for their own use on the back of taxpayers of Moffat County.

Now you see so many old Moffat Countyites are going down the journey of life while others are getting started up with journey of life, so that is why we are trying to protect what heritage they have left. So you younger ones can look back and enjoy history as we have our ancestors’. History is made everyday only by taking care of it. The only way we can have a new bridge to the future is by not burning the old ones.

One question: when your service in office is through do you want to leave a legacy that is remembered for serving the people that elected you, to the best of your honest ability or one that destroyed history. Or be persuaded to make unwise decisions by some well spoken and persuasive outside lobbyists.

So lets pray that our elected officials won’t burn the bridges to our future.

Melvin and Joan Snyder 

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