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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

When seconds count, we need EMS

When every second counts between life or death, having EMS ready to respond can make the difference, and I am living proof. For years, I was one of the voices on the end of the phone when you called 911. But on December 19, 2018, I was the one needing the ambulance, and fast.

My husband awoke to me unresponsive and breathing slowly after our dog, Oakley, alerted him that something was wrong. Oakley checks on me during the night because I am diabetic and he can sense when my blood sugar is low. Usually my blood sugar will drop in the middle of the night, he will wake me, I’ll get a snack and then go back to bed.

My husband called 911 and EMS was dispatched immediately. I was quickly transported to Memorial Regional Health while getting advanced life support treatment en route to the hospital. Without having an EMS crew ready to respond in the middle of the night, my outcome would have been much different and very likely could have resulted in my passing.

Our EMS trains for the worst of the worst. They are prepared to handle whatever emergency comes across their pager and they will always respond no matter what time of day or night. It would be terrifying to live in a community where I was responsible for transporting myself or my loved one in times of real emergency. I also have a condition called dystonia where my feet are inverted, making it painful and unsafe for me to drive. If we didn’t have EMS, what other choice would I have getting to the hospital?

You know when you are watching a movie or TV show and you always think, that could never happen to me, I wouldn’t need any of those resources. Well, what happens when that day comes and you do need them and they aren’t there? Living in a community without EMS would be a disaster.

Thankfully, we don’t have to. Now we have an opportunity to sustain our EMS in Moffat County for years to come. A health service district that supports an independent Moffat County EMS service is a conservative, reasonable path forward.

I am so thankful for our EMS for many reasons. Yes, they saved my life but they also are members of our community. They have homes, families, participate in community outreach, and so much more. They help to diversify, bring new ideas, learn about the Northwest corner of Colorado and all that we do to make Moffat County an amazing place to live, work and play.

I hope you consider supporting the Moffat County Health Service District because our EMS have saved countless lives, some of those being your neighbor, your family or your friends. Take a moment to visit http://www.mchealthservices.com to learn how a health service district will benefit our community and discover what you can do to get involved.

Homeless shelter plan is the wrong one

I am writing this to ask the County Commissioners to continue their withdrawal of support of the homeless shelter. I attended the information meeting and agree with Mrs. Hampton that the attitude of the shelter committee was very arrogant.

The answered questions are tailored to their benefit and not in depth explanations of the truth. First question for strategy & vision. What is the value add for Moffat county? Answer was five to seven jobs with ripple effects into our community, and the creation of additional services. I believe that the missing side of that is that families showing up from out of town will also be applying for our already taxed support system i.e. medical, police and social services. We are a community that in the next few years, will be losing jobs and economy due to our power plant and the local mines being slated for shut down, which will further tax our limited resources that are currently in place.

Next question: If you build it they will come, and are you shipping people experiencing homeless to Craig. ABSOLUTELY NOT he said. In the hand out it was stated that a low entry barrier will be in place. Stated that people or families will not be sent from other shelters or places but if kicked out for breaking rules they are informed of OTHER shelters that are open. Short travel and home again.

No ID required? A series of questions will be asked on intake to determine severity of need and vulnerability. So if person or families are sex offenders, felons, drug addicts and that list could be long, they would be welcomed to our community.

So in short this letter for our commissioners and editors of the Craig Daily Press: Don’t fund this with community tax funds and/or grant dollars. Grant money comes with strings, and isn’t guaranteed to be given on a continuous basis. The support should come from those who, as the editors stated, are willing to open their checkbooks to fund this. But, the monies to sustain this project should be obtained to maintain it over the span of 10 or 20 years, before the land is purchased and any monies are spent. On a side note, a plan to increase and or maintain our community resources that will be utilized by these families, would go a long way as well.

To other members of the community, I encourage you to also express your thoughts on the subject, as our community is only as strong as its members. We as a community cannot be heard if we do not speak out, and I also encourage healthy debate between both sides of the fence. We should move forward correctly for the community, and not in a rash reaction to a community problem.

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