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Letter: Your vote matters and could make life better in the US

As Nov. 8 comes quickly, I challenge each of you to evaluate your life and country before voting. I ask you to do your research on the individuals running for office and decide who will do what is best for you and all the people and the United States.

I ask you, is your life better than or even as good as it was almost two years ago? Do you like higher gas prices, higher utility prices, higher food prices? How about higher housing prices?

Are you ok with all of the above and all other products continuing to rise in cost? Are you in a position of having to choose what bills to pay? Or just not yet?

Do you approve of parents being labeled domestic terrorists when attending PTA meetings? Do you approve of freedom of speech being attacked? Do you feel safe in your community? Do your friends and family feel safe in their communities? Do you feel safe to travel?

Do you want The United States to be a sovereign nation with secure borders and those wanting to live in the United State must follow proper channels? Do you approve of the U.S. being put further and further in debt because of government spending?

Do you want your tax dollars to pay off student debt for those who choose to attend college — maybe you couldn’t afford to go or chose not to or you paid off your loans or you paid for your child to go? Do you want the government to be involved in every aspect of your life? Do you want your life to continue to be more difficult?

This is a critical election and it will absolutely have an effect on each of you whether you vote or not. Your voice does count. Your vote does make a difference. You have an opportunity to make your life and everyone’s life better. Please vote.

Bettina Magas


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