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Letter: We need politicians with calluses on their hands and common sense

Letter to the editor

Maybe I am getting too old and senile, or just maybe progress is in overdrive. Whichever it is, I have never seen our country go through such a confusing time.

Politicians are making politics a lifetime job off of your money and making a fool out of everyone. They have no morals, no respect. Our government looks like an organization for senior citizens. These politicians only care about their pockets and their way of life.

People put their trust in these elected fools to make their lives better but they are kicking you down the road and laughing. But what can we do?

When you go to buy a car, you make sure you are not getting a lemon. How can we know we didn’t vote for a lemon? Well, I look at people who have common sense. Yes, two plus two is four, but society may try to make you believe you are wrong. Well, that’s when common sense kicks in.

It is like lifting weights. After so much lifting, you get muscle bound, and you couldn’t pick a peanut up. People, I’m telling you, we need to get back to morals, respect and just plain old fashioned arithmetic and reading. If a politician doesn’t have calluses on their hands and a strong back, you got a lemon. May God Bless America and give everyone common sense before becoming a common fool.

Ernie Day


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