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Letter to the editor: Now is not the time for new taxes

Wouldn’t it be nice if all the tax gulping entities spent out valuable tax dollars on efficiency consultants before they immediately hired propaganda consultants to push through their tax hike agendas? If unbiased, outside efficiency experts were hired with the goal of cutting internal waste; most tax hike initiatives would probably not be required.

In this time of economic uncertainty those people asking for even more tax burdens to be placed upon the backs of Craig/Moffat County taxpayers, must be delirious. If the proposed initiatives are so worthy, let a group of private investors get them started; that is the American way. Basically, the taxpayers can always distinguish bad ideas: they usually require taxpayer support to even get started or exist. Some taxpayers are still being lulled into complacency, so the tax guzzlers are quickly making their moves, thinking, “there’s still a chance.”

I suggest that all of is taxpayers tell those big spenders to “go-fly-a kite” while we wait and see how all the ominous future events, that will certainly affect our national and local economics, shake out. Consider this: all the newly proposed tax hikes can easily be postponed. There is simply no need for us taxpayers to act recklessly with our votes during these crucial times. Come on taxpayers, stand up against the slick tax-hike propaganda “consultants,” even just once. Get ready: first came their bright sales pitches; the next waves will be their bombardment of ambiguous stats, warnings, and threats.

Jim Ellenberger


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