Letter: The U.S. Postal Service denied us our constitutional right to vote  | CraigDailyPress.com

Letter: The U.S. Postal Service denied us our constitutional right to vote 

Last July, I provided the mailing address for sending our absentee ballots. I confirmed with the Moffat County Elections Office that they had the correct address and that the ballots were mailed on Oct. 17. After more than three weeks, our absentee ballots had still not arrived in the mail. We were out of state, and Election Day is now past us, so it is now impossible for us to cast our ballots.

Who is responsible and who will be held accountable for this violation of our right to vote? I fear the answer is “no one.” How many others had their rights violated in this election? As more and more ballots are cast by mail, the validity of our elections becomes a serious concern. This is the first election in over 50 years that I could not vote. I am frustrated that there is nothing I could do to remedy this problem. Maybe this letter to the editor will raise awareness of what, to me, is a serious violation of our right to vote.

Ronald B. and Denise R. Schnackenberg


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