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Letter: Savannah Wolfson understands what it takes to make a good representative

The Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbles said “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.”  The man was not wrong. Too many Americans have bought too many of the lies that our government, school system, media and our government itself has been selling. One of them is that we are a democracy. We are not. We are a constitutional republic, and you need to understand the difference. A democracy is rule by mob. A constitutional republic protects the individual’s rights from the mob.  Another is that we are a two-party system.

So addressing the first lie. If someone says “our democracy,” your first assumption should be they are working for some mob with the sole interest of using government to steal from you so that they can push their own agenda and line their pockets from your labor.

The second lie is that we are a two-party system, and you should not vote for any other party’s candidate. Look past the first two lines on your ballot and you will see that there are more than two political parties. It is just convenient for both the Democrats and Republicans to keep you ignorant and fearful of other parties so you will continue to blindly follow their “mob.”

Now I will admit that there are a few representatives of these parties who are honorable people, but they seem few and far between. In too many races, you are being sold candidates strictly because of the mob they affiliate with or by the title of a job they held. Neither should be a selling point.  

Anyone who has done any living knows that titles like teacher, mechanic, law enforcement, reporter, doctor, manager or any other does not automatically mean that that person is good or knowledgeable at the job or are honorable as a person. 

Sadly, we see that these positions are too often held by people who tarnish the title for others who are good at the job and honorable as a person. So I hope you are not voting for someone strictly because of their job title. I hope you are ignoring the letter behind their name on the ballot. I hope you spent the time to truly listen to the candidate themselves.

Do they understand the form of government the founders set up and the rules to be followed, that the position is as a representative to all the residents of their district, not just their mob? Do they understand that their primary job is to defend your rights no matter who you are? Our government is not meant to be the thug used to steal from one person to line the pockets of others.

I hope you spent the time to talk to those candidates who bothered to show up to interview for the job. I did, and that is why my vote is going to Savannah Wolfson. Why? Because I believe she understands what the job of representative really is, what your rights are and where they begin and end.

Glenda Bellio


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