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Letter: Savannah Wolfson is not a career politician

We don’t need any more special interests in our state legislature. For far too long, Colorado has been run by people with an agenda. They come into office with a goal and then disconnect themselves from the people they serve and once elected they seem to forget how their decisions affect their constituents at the most basic level.

I’m talking about our ability to afford groceries and the ability to travel in a vehicle we own without being crowded on mass transportation. Far too long, we have had government representatives that will will work on issues like climate change and then when it’s time to vote, they vote along ideologies without even caring about how their vote affects our ability to buy groceries or travel from one city to another.

I support Savannah Wolfson for House District 26 because she is not a career politician. She is very accessable and willing to talk to the people she represents. Her roots are in the community, she understands what it means to take care of a family and she sees our daily struggle and I know our voices will not be ignored by her.

Savannah is focused on keeping our district affordable, and to that end she understands the we the people she represents ultimately have to pay for the decisions that our legislators make. I trust Savannah to bear in mind how every piece of legislation is going to affect our ability to put groceries on the table and our ability to be able to afford transportation. I know she will think long and hard before every vote and not make a decision that will heartlessly put people out of work or drive employers out of Colorado seeking less restrictive parts of the country to do business in.

Savannah is a parent first and foremost. She believes in open schools and government transparency. Ask Savannah if she believes that parents have a right to know what teachers are teaching our children or whether parents should have the right to observe what goes on in the classroom without notice and you will get a yes. If you have children, vote for Savannah because she will stand by your right to know what the schools are teaching your children and your desire to be involved in the education of your children.

Finally, Savannah is an actual person, she is not hidden away and when you ask her questions, her answers are genuine. She is a parent and most importantly she is not from the Front Range telling us how to live our lives.

Charles Bolin


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