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Letter: Pickleball players should pay their own way without public support

I have read the letter concerning pickleball in the Craig Press that was published on Wednesday, Feb. 1. While I have zero confidence that pickleball has any ability to drive Moffat County’s economy, I am not one to rain on another’s parade.

The people who truly believe that pickleball has a chance of saving our economy here in Moffat County. should take these steps on their own. 

First, they should form a pickleball association. Once their association is in place, they need to sell memberships and charge dues. Then they should use these dues to make the repairs that they think are necessary, just as the golf course sells daily and annual green fees, association memberships, cart rentals and golf equipment to maintain the golf course. 

This way only those that are interested in pickleball will be charged for the things that the pickleball fans want. I believe that this is only fair. I do not play pickleball and have no desire to participate in it or pay for repairs to things that I will never use. 

Just as pickleball players may never use the golf course, they have no desire to pay for maintenance and upgrades to the golf course. I pay for my own recreation. Be fair with other citizens of Moffat County and do the same. Pay for these pickleball repairs yourself. 

Please do not waste tax dollars on something that I and many others consider unnecessary and will accomplish virtually nothing.

Allen Hischke


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