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Judy Samer: Why?

I attended a city council workshop June 25 while they discussed the ordinance comping up on the marijuana retail vote. I wanted to understand “why,” after it had been voted down and then not enough signatures were attained on the second attempt, how it can go on the ballot.

Since I missed the other meetings I will never know why, the council was all on board and pushing forward. They left no time for public comments and I could tell it would not have mattered anyway. I’m sorry for the State of Colorado voting marijuana in and I had hoped our town would do differently and not be such followers. I know it is necessary for pain victims and it should not be withheld from them, but seriously, recreational?!

It’s like we’ve lost our minds and have gone backwards instead of forward. I wondered if the city council is aware the stuff causes brain damage, lung damage and damage to the immune system, do they know? Do you know people with out of state licenses are being harassed and searched when they leave the State of Colorado, maybe they didn’t know.

Do you know people fear driving through Colorado because of the drugs, maybe you didn’t know. Do you know employers have slackened doing drug testing because they may have to let too many people go, ask any coal mine.

Someone at the meeting suggested we would need another cop if it passed, now that it’s legal shouldn’t we need one less? Did you know the school administration building was going to be a drug rehab facility. So we allow the sale of marijuana. So we can fill the facility. One council member mentioned using the money form the sales for the D.A.R.E. program. So we vote in drugs to help the drug programs. What kind of lopsided thinking is that?

So I watched the council sit there with no conscience about these things and saw that it was all about money and I became very sad what the world has come to. I also realized that once again we are being bullied. Vote yes and we keep the library and other things. It’s like dangling a carrot. Voting it into the state was as wrong as wrong can be. And if you think it’s right you are a liar. There has been no concern for people’s health and welfare. I am ashamed at what I saw and would never vote for any of you. Do you feel confident in knowing that it will never ruin your children or grandchildren’s lives. They call not seat belting children, child endangerment, children are naturally curious and imitate their parents, did you not know. 

My husband says if this gets printed I better make sure my car is always locked. Is that so, should I worry?

Judy Samer

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