Frosty Wooldridge: Make a better first impression |

Frosty Wooldridge: Make a better first impression

This summer, my wife and I traveled south into Craig, Colorado on Route 13. Just before town, we noticed an ugly, if not vulgar disregard for the environment. Someone created a junkyard that stretches many acres up the hillside and down onto the road. It’s so disgusting that we took pictures.

But worse, as we traveled through a good many streets in Craig, we noticed uncut lawns, trash and unpainted houses too many to mention. We noticed a total lack of care in the appearance of the town. 

What’s the first thing you notice when you meet someone? Answer: How they dress. What’s the second thing you notice? Answer: How they speak. If they look like a slob, you might want to avoid them. If they speak like an illiterate person, you excuse yourself as quickly as possible. 

Craig, Colorado enjoys being a part of the beautiful State of Colorado. Is there any chance that the citizen who live in and care about Craig might form an action committee to beautify the town or the city council passes some ordinances — to pick up that junkyard on the grounds of environmental contamination? How about passing some ordinances to mow lawns and keep your yards picked up? How about a painting ordinance to paint buildings and houses to make them look presentable?

Does anyone possess any valid reasons for allowing your town to look run down and unattractive for anyone who might want to build a business or buy a home to start a family? How about changing the eyesores to attractive parks, manicured lawns and beautifully painted homes? What about high school kids volunteering to pick up trash, paint homes and create a new, attractive look for the entire city? 

It’s a choice. Please make a good one. The next time we travel through Craig, we would love to see that junkyard turned into a beautiful grass-filled landscape and the streets of Craig filled with manicured lawns, painted houses, clean streets and a sense of pride by all the citizens of your beautiful city.

Frosty Wooldridge


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